Henk van der Meer

Henk van der Meer is managing director of Biocontrol Consultants and started the company in 1989. Henk worked as director with Transia, Diffchamb, Raisio and BioControl Systems .
Henk van der Meer is managing director of Biocontrol Consultants BV. Henk has started in the Military Service as a trainer/coach with the Royal Engineers. Continued in the QC laboratory of a yeast and enzyme production factory. As chemical technologist moved into sales and marketing as sales engineer of high vacuum installations, mixers, pumps and laboratory equipment. He started as sales manager with Gibco Europe BV and was promoted to general manager and restructured the European Distribution centre of the company. On request of Labsystems, a Finnish company and nowadays part of Thermo Scientific. Henk has set up a full Benelux operation for this company. He participated actively in the Labsystems marketing group creating the Bioscreen, one of the first bacterial growth analyzers. This instrument has been for many years in use with the laboratories of the Dutch Food Safety Authorities.
Henk has been one of the founders of MicroVal (European validation organization of Microbial methods). Since 2007 he is member of the Technical Committee of MicroVal.

Positions on behalf of Biocontrol Consultants

In 1989 Henk started with Biocontrol Consultants as an investment and management company, specializing in the sales and marketing of products for Food Diagnostics and Food Safety. As manager of Biocontrol Consultants he has set up, together with Transia SA, a Dutch sales and marketing organization in Food Diagnostics: Transia Biocontrol BV.

Transia Biocontrol

Transia SA was a Biotechnical company in Food Diagnostics based in Lyon. The Transia products were the core products of Transia Biocontrol bv. To create enough business volume in this marketsegment the line of products was extended with media (Biokar Diagnostics), Petrifilm (3M), Hygicult (Orion Diagnostics), consumables and instruments for the microbiology. To create awareness the company published a few times a year a  printed magazine with news about Food Diagnostics. The company organized also meetings with presentations of various opinion leaders in the field of food diagnostics. With this strategy Transia Biocontrol created a major position in the Dutch Food market.

Diffchamb Biocontrol

The company name was changed into Diffchamb Biocontrol when Transia was acquired by Diffchamb AB. Diffchamb was a Swedish company, build on the development of the Bio-indicator, a tool to measure and monitor the effectiveness of pasteurization and sterilization processes. The Dutch company moved twice to new premises and Henk created for the company a European Distribution Centre at Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. Diffchamb AB was registered at the stock market in Stockholm, and in 2002 acquired by Raisio OY in Finland. A new division was formed: Raisio Diagnostics. Biocontrol Consultants sold its shares in Diffchamb Biocontrol to Raisio oy.

Raisio Diagnostics

Henk van der Meer participated as managing director of Raisio Diagnostics BV in the European turn-around team of Raisio to improve efficiency and profitability of the diagnostics division. He was asked to take the responsibility for the reorganization of the UK sales operation. This was turned into a profitable organization within two years. In 2007, Raisio Diagnostics was sold to BioControl Systems, a US based Food Diagnostics company.

BioControl Systems

As managing director of BioControl Systems BV  Henk has been responsible to set up the Benelux sales and marketing organization, the customer service centre for Northern Europe and the Central Logistics organization for Europe, MEA, SA. Introduced succesfully the new products into the food diagnostics market in Benelux.

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